You are untouchable

You are a sphere of existence.
Nothing can cross the distance within and destroy you.
Nothing can enter your sphere.
You are eternal and endless within this sphere.
You are untouchable and cannot be tainted, changed or broken.
Your mind might believe ideas that brush against your sphere and this might change situations you see yourself within, but nothing can alter the eternal life of your own sphere of existence.
From inside your sphere, you are nothing, but what you observe is something.
From outside of your sphere, you are something, according to the observations of others.
If you look in a mirror, you are seeing the something, that others may see but you are not seeing the nothing that you are.
You are a void, a nothingness, an infinite and eternal emptiness that is aware, and observes.
You, the nothing, observes the somethings around you.
Meanwhile, somethings observe you, the always changing you.
There are only 2 states of existence, nothing and infinite.
You are nothing but your observations are infinite, unlimited and endless.
Yourself is nothing, a void, space and emptiness.
These 2 states, something and nothing, are the foundation of all existence on all levels.
I am, the one, knows it exists because you, the observer, creates something by looking for it.
From its position at the centre of your sphere, I am, the one, sees you as something, that sees something else.
Therefore, it exists.
This is duality, something and nothing exist together, but not separately.
One gives meaning to the other.
Since these 2 are opposites, what is formed when they are united?
What is the combination of something and nothing?
What is the observer, within the centre of your sphere of existence?
It is one mind, the source, I am.
It projects you, and consequently, you project your reality.
You exist within the mind of one mind.
Your world exists within your one mind.
One mind is untouchable, so are you.
You observe others and this is something.
You are the creator of something outside of yourself.
You are the creator of the world that surrounds you.
You are nothing that makes something, by looking for it.
You are an eternal something but you are untouchable.