Imagine being alone

Imagine being all alone, floating in space surrounded by nothing.
And this nothing is such that it will bring forth anything that you care to think about.
You might remember and think of an orange.
Instantly an orange appears before you.
You then think of a blue sky and that appears before you.
Imagine what you could create.
You would think yourself as a god.
Your imagination could go wild creating all sorts of crazy scenarios.
You would probably start creating whole worlds once you gained your confidence.
Well, that’s exactly what you’ve done to create the life you are living right now.
It’s all a product of the thoughts that are in your mind.
You thought it all into being and your mind keeps it going as a valid reality.
Of course you didn’t build it all from your own original thoughts.
In fact very little of it is your original thought.
Most of your ideas were borrowed.
You have been strongly and wrongly, influenced by your parents, teachers, friends, governments, corporations, etc.
In fact every person you have ever met and every situation you have ever been aware of, has had an influence on the type of thoughts that are in your mind.
This world is your mind in expression, regardless of where your ideas come from.
You are an eternal something existing in an infinite nothing.
It’s up to you what you make of it.
You are your whole world, isn’t that amazing?