The dance of death

This world is a slow dance of death.
Here, everything revolves around ending, finishing, completion, death.
Time is a measure of steps to the death.
The time of the end of the dance is unpredictable.
The way that the dance ends is not known.
But it will end.
Kill or be killed.
Eat living things or die.
Your body is alive with organisms that would eat you.
Death is your constant companion.
It shadows you from birth, silently stalking, hidden in the darkness of your fears.
You will never be ready for the moment, when it taps you on the shoulder and says, ‘It’s your turn!’
You will never be able to accept the devastation when someone close to you dies.
You will never have the strength to face it and say, ‘Take me, I am not afraid.’
For you cling to this world as if it is the only life raft in the sea of existence.
You grasp for meaning amongst the madness of manipulated texts and false histories presented by the harsh rulers that run this dark world.
There is no understanding out there.
There are only unanswered, meaningless mysteries.
You must return home to escape this nightmare and to see again.
You must turn within and trust the process that your intuitive self will unfold, if you allow it.
Seek freedom from within, not from with-out.
Death stalks the outer world.
Your immortal life lives in the inner.
You forgot.
Take the time to remember or you will die again and again and again.